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Slate: Why More Americans Are Getting Evicted

WPT Interview: ‘Here and Now’: Matthew Desmond Explores Milwaukee’s Eviction Epidemic

Kirkus Reviews Author Interview: Matthew Desmond


New York Times: In ‘Evicted,’ Home Is an Elusive Goal for America’s Poor

The Guardian: Review of Evicted

The Nation: No Plumbing, No Protection: The Story of Milwaukee’s Evicted

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“An Evening With Matthew Desmond” Video of Author Keynote from 11/1/2016

“Evicted” Research Guide

Sims, J. R., Aley, I., Dundore, L., Laemmli, T., Long, S. Lutz, E., McFerren, R. (2016). Evicted in Dane County, Wisconsin: A Collaborative Examination of the Housing Landscape. Madison, WI.

More than gentrification: geographies of capitalist displacement in Los Angeles 1994-1999,”  Revel Sims, Urban Geography, 37:1, 26-56, 2016. DOI: 10.1080/02723638.2015.1046698

Sims’ article examines other causes and factors in urban displacement beyond the more often-studied gentrification.

“Unaffordable America: Poverty, Housing, and Eviction,” Matthew Desmond, Fast Focus No. 22-2015, Institute for Research on Poverty, University of Wisconsin-Madison, March 2015.

This research brief outlines the trends that led to the current affordable housing crisis faced by many poor families in America, particularly poor single mothers with young children, and concludes with suggested policy remedies.

“No Place to Call Home: Child and Youth Homelessness in the United States,” Neil Damron, Poverty Fact Sheet No. 9, Institute for Research on Poverty and Morgridge Center for Public Service, University of Wisconsin-Madison, May 2015.

Prepared by the IRP/Morgridge Center for Public Service, this fact sheet provides statistics on child and youth homelessness as well as recent trends and an overview of federal legislation that seeks to protect homeless children and ensure their access to education.



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