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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Participating Courses

A key component of the program is the integration of the book into courses offered in departments across campus. Some courses will use the book on their required reading lists, while others will offer themes related to the book as optional topics for papers and presentations. All students who are enrolled in these courses will receive a free copy of the book.

Anthro/Ed Pol 570: Anthropology and Education

C&E SOC 248: Environment, Natural Resources, and Society

Communication Arts 310: The Discourse of Dictators, Demagogues, & Extremists

Communication Arts 360: Introduction to Rhetoric in Politics and Culture

Counseling Psychology 125: A Wisconsin Experience

Counseling Psychology 230: Race and the Developing Child

Counseling Psychology 325: Student SEED

Curriculum & Instruction 240: Critical Aspects of Teaching, Schooling, and Education

Curriculum & Instruction 367: Elementary Education Practicum

Curriculum & Instruction 463: Seminar in Pre-Kindergarten Through Middle School Teaching

Curriculum & Instruction 744: Perspectives in Multicultural Education

ELPA 715: Governance and Administration in Colleges and Universities

English 100: Introduction to College Composition

English 201: Intermediate Composition

Environmental Studies 402: People, Environment, and Sustainability

Geography 101: Introduction to Human Geography

History 200: Russia and America in the 19th and 20th Centuries

History 201: The Historian’s Craft: Conspiracy Theories – Evidence & Argument

Human Development and Family Studies/Inter-HE 650: Parent Education and Support Programs

Inter-Ag 155: Issues in Agriculture and Life Science

Inter-HE 201: Belonging, Purpose, and the Ecology of Human Happiness

Inter-LS 250: Undergraduate Research Experience

Italian 101: First Semester in Italian

Journalism 669: Literary Aspects of Journalism

Kinesiology 353: Health and Physical Education in a Multicultural Society

LIS 601: Information: Perspectives and Context

LSC 360: Information Radio

Nursing 510: Culturally Congruent Care

Physical Therapy 541: Issues of Culture and Diversity in Health Care

Plant Pathology 311: Global Food Security

Population Health Sciences 786: Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health

Psychology 202: Introduction to Psychology

Social Work 100: So You Want to Change the World?

Social Work 800: Field Practice/Integrated Seminar

Sociology 134: Problems of American Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Sociology 496: Sociology of Poverty, Inequality, and Social Policy