University of Wisconsin Madison Go Big Read

Participating Courses

A key component of the program is the integration of the book into courses offered in departments across campus. Some courses will use the book on their required reading lists, while others will offer themes related to the book as optional topics for papers and presentations. All students who are enrolled in these courses will receive a free copy of the book.

African Languages and Literature 605: The Black Radical Tradition

Afro-American Studies 154: Hip-Hop and Contemporary American Society

Afro-American Studies 156: Black Music and American Cultural History

Afro-American Studies 272: Race and American Politics from the New Deal to the New Right

Afro-American Studies/Gender & Women’s Studies 324: Black Women in America: From Reconstruction to the Present

Botany 265: Rainforests and Coral Reefs

Civil Society and Community Studies 375: Leadership and Civic Engagement for Social Change

Civil Society and Community Studies 801: Community, Power, and Collective Action

Civil Society and Community Studies 811: Seminar – Research Design and Methodology

Communication Arts 100: Introduction to Speech Composition

Communication Arts 476: Nature of Criticism – The Public Arts of Communication

Community & Environmental Studies 140: Introduction to Community and Environmental Sociology

Community & Environmental Sociology/American Indian Studies 578: Poverty and Place

Consumer Science 360: Sustainable and Socially Just Consumption

Counseling Psychology 115: CAE First-Year Experience: Transition and Career Development

Counseling Psychology 325: Student SEED

Curriculum and Instruction 240: Critical Aspects of Teaching, Schooling, and Education

Curriculum and Instruction 262, 466/467: Student Teaching in Music

Curriculum and Instruction 277: Video Games and Learning

Curriculum and Instruction 363: Practicum in Early Childhood Education in Kindergarden

Curriculum and Instruction 463: Seminar in Kindergarten Through Middle School Teaching

Dance 11: Contemporary Dance I

Economics 420: Urban and Regional Economics

Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis 502: Education and Democracy

Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis 502: Law and Public Education

Educational Policy Studies 150: Human Rights & Education

Educational Policy Studies 210: Youth, Education, and Society

Educational Policy Studies 300: School and Society

Educational Policy Studies 505: Issues in Urban Education

Educational Policy Studies 907: Seminar – History of Education

English 100: Introduction to College Composition

English 118: Academic Writing II

English 173: Ethnic and Multicultural Literature

English 201: Intermediate Composition

Environmental Studies 400: People, Environment, and Sustainability

Environmental Studies 402: Special Topics: Social Perspectives in Environmental Studies

Folklore 100: Introduction to Folklore

General Business 365: Leadership in the Global Economy

Genetics 562: Human Cytogenetics

Geography 305: Introduction to the City

History 221: Madison Intellectual Life

History 279: African-Atlantic History, 1808-Present

History 336: Chinese Economic and Business History

Human Development and Family Studies 469: Family and Community Influences on the Young Child

Human Development and Family Studies 516: Stress and Resilience in Families Across the Lifespan

Inter-Agriculture 155: Issues in Agriculture, Environment, and Life Sciences

Inter-Human Ecology 201: Belonging, Purpose & the Ecology of Human Happiness

Inter-Letters & Science 260: Community Health

Inter-Letters & Science 315: Paradigms and Process in Academic Inquiry

International Studies 101: Introduction to International Studies

Journalism 405: Creative Nonfiction

Kinesiology 353: Health and Physical Education in a Multicultural Society

Library and Information Studies 202: Informational Divides and Differences in a Multicultural Society

Library and Information Studies 601: Information: Perspectives and Contexts

Life Sciences Communication 360: Information Radio

Management & Human Resources 765: Leading and Working in Teams

Nursing 419: Clinical III: Community Health Nursing Practicum

Plant Pathology 311: Global Food Security

Political Science 100: Freshman Topics Seminar

Political Science 201: Citizenship, Democracy, and Difference

Political Science 209: Introduction to Public Policy

Political Science 217: Law, Politics and Society

Population Health Sciences 789: Introduction to Environmental Health

Population Health Sciences 807: Perinatal and Reproductive Epidemiology and Post-Doctoral Training T32

Psychology 201: Introduction to Psychology

Scandinavian Studies 276: Scandinavian Life and Civilization

Social Work 800: Integrated Field Seminar

Sociology 125: Contemporary American Society (Honors)

Sociology 205: Intercultural Dialogues

Sociology 206: Leadership in Intercultural Dialogues

Sociology 357: Methods of Sociological Inquiry

Sociology 496: Sociology of Poverty, Inequality and Social Policy

Urban and Regional Planning 590: Planning with Community Field Research Methods

Urban and Regional Planning 590: Making Health Matter in Planning

Urban and Regional Planning 741: Introduction to Planning

Urban and Regional Planning 912: Planning Workshop