The Wisconsin Experience–Purposeful Action: Parkland, Protest, and You

June 9, 2020
Cover of Parkland

SOAR has begun this week! Though the university isn’t able to welcome the incoming students to campus just yet with SOAR being moved online, UW-Madison is still looking to integrate incoming students into what it means to be a Badger with the unfolding of current events through the addition of new Wisconsin Experience seminars.

The Wisconsin Experience courses are usually offered as an opportunity for incoming freshman to get a feel for what UW-Madison stands for in a small learning group, but this year, these courses have been tailored to focus on certain current events and the impacts they have on the UW community.

The Go Big Read Program is so excited to have this year’s book, Parkland: Birth of a Movement, as the central focus of one of these seminars–Purposeful Action: Parkland, Protest, and You! Though the seminar will focus on broader topics of purposeful action and protest than those covered in Parkland, the book will serve as a jumping off point for the discussion of activism at any age and contribute to the Go Big Read Program’s primary goal of creating a common reading experience amongst those at the university.

Purposeful action is one of the main pillars of the Wisconsin Experience, so the Go Big Read Program is thrilled to have this year’s book not only welcome new students to campus, but to also allow students who may not be able to join us on campus this fall to experience what UW-Madison stands for.

Click here to find out more about the Wisconsin Experience or the Wisconsin Experience seminars.

Olivia Poches

Graduate Student Assistant, Go Big Read Office