New Interview With Rebecca Skloot

May 4, 2011

A new interview with Rebecca Skloot was posted this week in “Simply Stated,” the blog for Real Simple magazine. Skloot extensively answers questions from readers of Real Simple, giving further book information and hints at what she’s up to next.

One topic that Skloot touches on relates to her role in the book. Although Skloot is a major character in The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, she admits that for some time, she had no intention of being a character at all, saying that “I don’t belong in this story—it’s the Lacks family’s story, not mine.” It was only through the urging of others, including Deborah Lacks, that her interactions with the family became such a crucial part of the story.

Skloot also talks about her current and future plans. Currently, she is working on a young reader’s edition of Henrietta Lacks. She and the Lacks family are also consultants on an upcoming HBO movie based on the book. Skloot even hints at her next book topic, which has “something to do with animals,” but no further information is being released just yet!

Click here to read the full “Simply Stated” article.