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Go Big Read Capstone Event: April 15-16

The Go Big Read Capstone event, “Who Owns My Body and Where is it Now?” will be held April 15-16 at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. If you read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, or are interested in the book’s questions of race, the research of human subjects and the business of commercializing human-derived biomaterials, check out the event schedule at the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation website.
This two-day event will include speakers, panelist, films and more surrounding bioethics and the biotechnology field- a great way to cap off our campus-wide discussion of Henrietta Lacks and give recognition to the full story behind HeLa cells. As the event approaches, check back here for more information about the speakers and panelists and their areas of expertise.The agenda includes speakers from all across the country, including several from right here at UW Madison.Click here to RSVP for either or both days of the capstone event. All capstone events are free and open to the public.