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“Our Tiny Friends and Foes” Exhibit Event

Our Friends and Foes Exhibit Picture of Knitted HeLa Cell

Photo taken from “Our Friends and Foes” exhibit homepage on Overture Center website.

Join us this Saturday, November 6, 4-7pm, in the Craftshop at UW memorial Union (4th Floor) to help make pieces for the exhibition “Our Tiny Friends and Foes” which opens on December 18th in the Overture Center for the Arts. In conjunction with Go Big Read, join is making some HeLa cells in honor of Henrietta Lacks’ memory as part of the exhibition. For information, join the Facebook group “Our Tiny Friends and Foes” or see the link on the Overture website.

Kim Caisse

“Our Tiny Friends and Foes” Exhibit

Overture Center