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Tomahawk, WI Book Club Participates in Go Big Read

This week, we were contacted by the Tomahawk, Wisconsin Book Club, who after learning about Go Big Read, decided to devote their summer reading selections to books about food, including In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

“We discovered that we have members who grow at least a portion of their yearly food supply in their gardens. Others frequent area farmer’s markets and pick-your-own-fields and orchards. Hunting and fishing are also used to supplement ‘store-bought’ meat. In our discussions, some of us remembered growing up on farms, where meals were planned around the harvest. With that background we enhanced our knowledge by learning about the politics involved in our nation’s (world’s) food supply. The energy used in delivering food to far flung places was another discussion topic. At our annual summer picnic we shared a meal of locally grown foods.”

I’m so glad that the reach of Go Big Read is extending beyond the University and Madison to the boundaries of the state. It’s also very interesting to hear how local, Wisconsin perspectives are shaping peoples’ approaches to the ideas in the book. Thanks, Tomahawk Book Club, and we’re looking forward to hearing about other, similar groups!

Sarah McDaniel, Go Big Read