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Share photos on Flickr! Submit pictures with “In Defense of Food” scenes.

One of the many benefits of a common book program is the community that is formed by the mere act of lots of people all reading the same book. We have an opportunity to share images of that act using Flickr. Go ahead and take a picture of yourself, your family, your book club, your class – whatever scene might include people with this year’s common book, In Defense of Food. We’ve created a group in Flickr called Go Big Read. Join the group and add your photo to the group pool. The end result: a wonderful depiction of the book being read in all kinds of settings by all kinds of people.

I recently took In Defense of Food on my vacation in Yosemite. The small, light-weight book fit perfectly in my backpack and I read it by headlamp in the tent every night. As one of my tent-mates said to me, “was the last thing I heard last night really you telling me that butter is better than margarine?” đŸ™‚

I thought to myself during the week, wouldn’t it be great if we could capture all the various places people are reading this book and share that? So I had my picture taken on top of Sentinel Dome to provide a spectacular vista as background for my Yosemite vacation book choice. I wonder what other scenes of reading this book will emerge…

Therefore, I’m sending out the call to everyone participating in this program: take a picture with the book, load it to Flickr and join the Go Big Read group: If you don’t use Flickr and still want to participate, email your photo to:

One thought on “Share photos on Flickr! Submit pictures with “In Defense of Food” scenes.

  1. After reading "In Defense of Food" and discussing planting a garden with the kids, I decided to go for it. I can't believe, me, from Philadelphia grew a beautiful, robust garden of broccoli, squash, zucchini, tomatoes and green beens on the first try! The seeds, seedlings and advice from the UW Horticuluture department was a big help too! They were great on giving step by step planting instructions. My carrots didn't fare so well but I think I will try them again next year