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Other Works by Sonia Nazario

Many members of the campus community read Enrique’s Journey last semester, and might be interested in reading some of Sonia Nazario’s other works. As a journalist, the author of this year’s Go Big Read has been writing about social issues for years.

Interested readers can access PDF versions of Orphans of Addiction and The Hunger Wars: Fighting for Food in Southern Carolina.

Orphans of Addiction tells the story of children whose parents are abusing drugs, while The Hunger Wars discusses four aspects of food scarcity issues in Southern California: school breakfasts, the salvage food industry, food stamps, and efforts to remedy these problems. As a result of The Hunger Wars, thousands of children have been able to receive breakfast at school in an area where hunger is prevalent. Nazario won the George Polk Award for local reporting for this series.

If you’ve read these other series, let us know what you think! For more information about Sonia Nazario’s other works, as well as her current speaking tours and interviews, visit the official website for Enrique’s Journey.