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Sonia Nazario Interviews with Progressive Radio

Looking for more information after Sonia Nazario’s author talk? In a newly released interview with Progressive Radio, Sonia Nazario discusses Enrique’s Journey, the political implications of her book, and more.

While Nazario continues to discuss her own harrowing experiences riding the trains from Honduras, she also touches more on her own political opinions, citing how she thinks the United States should respond to the rise in illegal immigration in recent years. Enforcing border control, in Nazario’s opinion, is not the answer. Currently, the US is spending $5 billion a year on border control. Instead, she maintains, we need to reevaluate our foreign policy, helping to create and support jobs in countries where the immigrants are coming from. She recognizes that, in America, hostility towards immigrants increases during a recession, and it’s low-income Americans, especially the 1 in 14 without a high school degree, who lose out the most as the illegal immigrant population increases.

Nazario also touches on the relationship between immigrant mothers and the children that many leave behind, as well as her own relationship with Enrique and his mother Lourdes, who she has now known for over ten years.

We invite you to listen to the podcast of the interview, visit our News page, or access the video and transcript from Nazario’s author talk in October. Leave a comment and let us know YOUR opinion. What do you think of Enrique’s Journey? How should the United States respond to the issues that Nazario describes?