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Biddy Martin on Go Big Read in the Wisconsin State Journal

Biddy Martin Invites you to Sift, Winnow,” begins the title of Chancellor Martin’s editorial on Go Big Read in the Wisconsin State Journal:

“Starting this year, the university is choosing a book annually for a project titled Go Big Read, and asking the community – not only the university community, but also the broader one that extends well beyond the borders of campus – to read it and engage with one another. We are excited about the initiative, which is already under way.” (read the full story here)

In addition to providing the Chancellor’s insights on the program, the piece announces some new events that are being added to Pollan’s visit. The previously announced Kohl Center lecture September 24 at 7 pm (doors at 6 pm, no tickets required) will be followed by post-lecture discussions, including a public discussion in the Great Hall of Memorial Union. There will also be a Friday panel at 3:30 pm in the Union Theater. Stay tuned to the project calendar for further details.

Sarah McDaniel
Go Big Read

One thought on “Biddy Martin on Go Big Read in the Wisconsin State Journal

  1. Opening Reception for 'It's Good for You'
    100 Years of the Art and Science of Eating
    Sept. 22 Time 4-6 p.m. Ebling Library Historical Reading Room, Health Sciences Learning Center. Historical exhibition in conjunction with the "Go Big Read" reading program. Themes include include the history of the food pyramid, the story of Victory Gardens, the confusion inherent in diet advice, the "voice of authority" in cookbooks and nutrition literature, the marketing of food products and the evolution of hospital diets. Runs through March 31, 2010.