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Student Organizations Invited to Participate!

Student organizations are encouraged to participate in Go Big Read by participating in events and discussions, or by planning their own. Please contact the project office for marketing materials, discussion tool kit, and any other support you need (

A number of student organizations on campus already have an active interest in the issues discussed in In Defense of Food:

  • Slow Food UW was the subject of a short article in the Daily Cardinal. The group’s goals are to raise awareness about issues in food systems, sustainability and labor issues. The group offers students an opportunity to learn where their food comes from, with cooking workshops, dinners and movies among many other activities.
  • Students for Sustainable Agriculture F.H. King Student Farm hosts weekly Harvest Handouts, a program “developed to give students access to healthy, locally grown organic produce. Every Friday, we set up a farm stand on Library Mall and give away our produce to UW-Madison students for free. Harvest Handouts runs like a farmers market in that you bring your own bag, and let us know which veggies you’d like. We’ll inform you on how to cook with them and prepare them if you are unsure. Handouts usually run from mid-June to mid-October.”
  • Other organizations can participate as readers; you need not have food issues as your primary focus!

Is your organization planning to participate? Let us know!

Sarah McDaniel
Go Big Read