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Suggest Questions for Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan’s September 24th lecture at the Kohl Center, “In Defense of Food: The Omnivore’s Solution,” is free and open to all. We hope you’ll attend and invite anyone you know who might be interested.

Due to the scale of the Kohl Center event, the question and answer period will be moderated. Questions should be suggested in writing by September 21st. The moderator will select a representative group of questions and ask them of Michael Pollan at the event.

If you would like to suggest a question, please post it as a comment to this blog post. Please also consider including some very brief information about yourself.

Please note: Details of the 9/25 panel, now at the Wisconsin Union Theater, are here

The call for questions is now closed. Thanks to all for a great mix of topics and perspectives! You can read them below by clicking on “Comments.”

Sarah McDaniel
Go Big Read