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FDA Reviews Food Labels such as “Smart Choice”

In his September 24th talk, Michael Pollan talked about the way foods were labeled as healthful in ways that are misleading. The example he gave was the “Smart Choices” Check Mark on a box of Froot Loops, which are nearly 44% sugar.

The Los Angeles Times published an article today entitled, “FDA Clamps Down on Nutrition Labels on Food Packaging.” The article discusses nutritionists’ role in influencing these types of programs, “Smart Choices has emerged as a lightning rod among some nutritionists, who say its ratings are too lax and intended to give processed foods undeserved nutritional standing.” The article quotes NYU nutrition profession Marion Nestle, “I think Smart Choices was the final straw for the FDA. The idea that its check could go onto Froot Loops made it clear that the bar had to be set higher. [….] Good for the FDA.”