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Meet a Mexican Woman Who Works Directly with Migrants

Meet a Mexican woman who works directly with migrants like Enrique from Enrique’s Journey

Enrique’s Journey tells the story of a young man who travels from Honduras to the United States to find his mother, who made the same migration years earlier. Enrique’s journey includes a dangerous train journey through Mexico.

Nancy Garcia works daily in Oaxaca, Mexico, with migrants seeking a better life in the north. Their journey is full of risks, including robbery and rape, kidnapping for ransom, and serious injury and loss of limbs on the train journey. Nancy sees people who have been injured both mentally and physically. She offers them shelter, food, and a little more information on what they are getting themselves into in the journey ahead.

Despite the dangers, people keep coming north, and we have to ask ourselves how well do we really understand the causes of migration, the conditions these human beings are trying to escape from? What would cause people to risk their lives for money?

With Nancy’s help, and by reading Enrique’s Journey, we can put a human face on this mass migration. We need to ask ourselves what has caused or contributed to the hopeless economic situation of so many Central American countries?

Join Nancy in conversation and learn about thousands of other young people like Enrique, on Monday, October 10th at 4pm, Open Book Cafe, Room 1250 College Library.

Nancy’s visit is co-sponsored by Community Action on Latin America, a Madison non-profit advocacy organization (, and Witness for Peace, a national organization offering educational travel opportunities ( with additional support from Go Big Read.

This Go Big Read talk is part of a larger visit to Madison:

Go Big Read Event Details: October 10th, 4 pm, at College Library Open Book Cafe, Free and Open to All!

Nancy will present the LACIS Lunchtime Lecture on Tuesday, October 11, 206 Ingraham Hall, UW Campus. LACIS Event Calendar

She will also host a public conversation at 6:30pm on Monday, October 10th, at Centro Hispano, 810 West Badger Road off south Park Street.

Nancy will spend Monday morning at West High School and Tuesday morning at Shabazz High School. She will be on the Edgewood College campus on Monday, October 17th.

Submitted by Carol Bracewell, Volunteer, Community Action on Latin America