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Thanks for commenting!

Once again, thanks for leaving your comments on the Go Big Read blog. Go Big Read is a conversation between members of UW-Madison campus and community, and we love  to hear what you have to say about Enrique’s Journey.

Here’s just a few of the many thought-provoking comments you’ve shared:

On Ted Talks: Tan Lee’s Immigration Story:

 We must understand, that a person who has to leave his country, by
obligation, is a person who suffers, no one leaves home where he has
grown, for pleasure. We have to have more empathy and respect for
immigrants, who leave their country looking for a better place to live,
and sometimes only find contempt and indifference.

On Alabama churches lose Hispanic parishioners:

…Since the influx of illegal aliens into Alabama, teens as a group have been the most underemployed in the states history.

situation impacted close to home. In my own family, my just graduated
from HS teen was working two part time jobs to make ends meet and save
for college and a car. But when the immigration law passed in Alabama,
he was offered full time hours at one job, THE VERY NEXT DAY. He was
able to quit his second job and that job then went to another American
citizen who had been unemployed.

It’s nothing against anyone.
It’s not racist. It’s just that we feel our sons and daughters and
friends should be working FIRST. But it is extremely hard to compete
with a labor force that will work under the table.

On Immigration and the State of the Union:

It’s easy to overlook the contribution that immigrants make to our
society. I think we should make every effort to remove the threat of
deportation from people who have lived their entire lives in America.

Do you have a reaction to Enrique’s Journey, or an immigration story of your own? Are you reading the book for a spring course? Leave a comment and let us know what YOU think!