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Currently Accepting Book Nominations About Innovation

Planning has already begun for next year’s Go Big Read program! Chancellor David Ward has selected the theme of “Innovation” for 2012-2013.

With that in mind, we need your help! Go Big Read’s book selection committe is now accepting nominations for work of fiction and nonfiction that connect to or inspire innovation. The deadline to submit a title for consideration for the 2012-13 program is Friday, February 3.

Have you ever wondered what kind of criteria helps the committee choose titles? Nominated books should promote enjoyment of reading by being readable, relevant, and engaging, incorporate sufficient depth and scope to promote sustained discussion of different points of view, and appeal to individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Nominated books should also have cross-disciplinary flexibility that can tie into a variety of campus activities and programming.

While the committee will sift through the nominations, the chancellor will make the final selection.

Click here to submit a title for the 2012-2013 Go Big Read program!

One thought on “Currently Accepting Book Nominations About Innovation

  1. In October,The Tomahawk,WI Book Club discussed The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.One of our members summed up our responses very well with this comment:I loved the book;learned from it, got made about some of it,was saddened by several parts,was in awe for some, laughed at some and really enjoyed reading it.