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Go Big Read Comments

Thanks once again to readers of Enrique’s Journey for your participation and discussion, especially here on the Go Big Read blog. Check out the recent reader comments featured below. Do you agree? Disagree? 

On Changing Immigration Law in Alabama:

  • “I find this policy disturbing. Each ‘illegal immigrant’ is an individual, with a very particular story of hardship and hope. I wonder if ‘native Alabama residents’ would be so intent on displacing the immigrants if they knew these individual stories.”
  • “Hopefully this change is for better and lower the number of illegal immigrants in America.”
  • “There is a lot of talk about illegal immigrants and the lack of jobs for Americans. However, when the immigrants are prevented from crossing the border in large farming areas, crops rot in the fields and fall from the trees because no one in America will take the manual labor jobs. It was a real problem a few years ago with fruit farmers because there were no immigrants to pick their fruit and they lost a lot of money. If Americans are going to complain about the illegals taking jobs, they first must be ready to fill the vacant jobs themselves.”
  • “America itself is based on immigration. Most of the citizens are descended from immigrants in one form or another. It is arrogant and sad to try to stem the flow of immigrants and to say that America cannot afford to support the poverty of other countries (as Brittanicus advocates). America must pay due attention and stop the laager mentality (to quote a South African term).”
  • “Comparing how much they were earning in their [sic] countries or eastern Europe or in Africa $72 per day is not bad at all.”
  • “While it’s not decisive, I feel that there is no easy answer and thats rooted in the act’s name. “Fairness” is a concept that is difficult to pin down, what might be fair to one party will not always be fair to another.”
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