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Thanks for commenting!

Go Big Read aims to foster discussion within the community, and so we are especially appreciative of your comments on blog posts! Here’s some comments from Go Big Read blog readers. What do you think?

On a student’s response to the book:

“Like Nazario said, immigrants, in many ways, help our economy. They do
hard, low-paying jobs that most Americans do not want. Their cheap
labor keeps prices low for Americans. If, in fact, they do cause an
extra “burden,” why do you care, when for most immigrant families it is a
matter of survival? If you were not born into this privileged society,
wouldn’t you want someone to take a little of that “weight” for you?”

“I think it is heartbreaking everytime we hear about these
people and their stuggles for getting to a please where they might have a
better life. And yes, we should confront the problems, and not just
look at them.”

On “A Better Life” film shows the true-life struggles of illegal immigrants”

“I’m going to watch this movie. I live in CA and the
illegal immigrant topic is a hot one here as well as in AZ. Most of
these people just want to come to the US to make a living. Nearly all
of them leave families behind and then send their wages back to mexico.
I see them every day here and most are hard workers. Thanks for the

On “CBS News: Farm Labor: Children in the Fields”

“It’s tragic that in a developed country such as the US and
in this day and age child labour is still a reality. Its astonishing to
me that children as young as 12 are legally allowed to work as
labourers. On the other hand I can see that for many families this is
the only way to survive. Sad.”

Thanks for visiting the Go Big Read blog! We hope you’ll continue to leave comments about Enrique’s Journey and the Go Big Read program.

One thought on “Thanks for commenting!

  1. Thank-you to the Go Big Read program for once again choosing a book that focuses on many issues. Enrique's Journey was enlightening,showing the complexities of immigration.
    It was touching to read how even those who have nothing are able to "give". While others "took" from those who had less then nothing… There was a ray of hope,even through the cruelty.
    It was an in-depth presentation of a very complex problem.
    Tomahawk Book Club Tomahawk, WI