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Madison Public Library Discussions Appreciated

With three public library discussions under our belts, I’m getting good feedback from the librarians leading the discussions. One librarian told me:

“Reading the book was eye-opening for all of us, as to a person attendees had not previously been aware of the plight of these children and the culpability of America in the dearth of economic opportunities in the immigrants’ home countries.”

Another said: “It was a good discussion – lots of very honest debate about illegal (and legal) immigration, both pro and con, all of it very compassionate toward the immigrants, regardless of their views.”

I understand the Madison Public Library discussions are getting a mix of ‘regular’ attendees and newcomers. We warmly welcome both!

The public library community in South Central Wisconsin is obviously eager to discuss the book– we have the most discussions scheduled for a Go Big Read so far (see the Event Calendar for dates and locations). The waiting list in the LINKcat public library catalog is 300 strong, but we have copies set aside specifically for our library discussions at MPL. Call the library hosting the discussion to find out how to get a book.

As a member of the selection committee, I’m glad we chose a book that is resonating with the wider community. Partnerships are underway with Literacy Network and Centro Hispano, and private book groups are reading it as well. Wonderful!