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Food For Thought: Let’s Start a Book Discussion Online!

Are you unable to attend one of the scheduled book discussions but want to get involved in the conversation?
Want to connect with people from all over the UW campus and the greater Madison community?
Join us in a virtual book discussion on the Food For Thought Posts in the Go Big Read Blog!
Each week, we will be posing a new topic for discussion on the blog, and followers are encouraged to participate by responding in the comment section below each post. Feel free to use and expand on these questions in your own book discussions. Have a great idea for discussion topic? Let us know! Contact the Go Big Read Program at

Food For Thought: Topic for Discussion Week of September 7, 2009

Who is Michael Pollan and why should we listen to him regarding food and nutrition?

3 thoughts on “Food For Thought: Let’s Start a Book Discussion Online!

  1. Michael Pollen is a jouralist and most people I know say this is bad jouralism. There is enough bad jouralism without U-W Madison highlighing this book and giving activitists any more fuel to spread lies about the way food is produced.

  2. If you know anything about Michael Pollan you know that his approach is not sensational or alarmist. He is not an extreamist and the information he presents is very clear and very factual. He is thoughtful about what he says and how he says it. The amazing thing is that he is still very entertaining. The bottom line is that there are huge issues with our food system and it is vital that this information be made available so that people can make some informed choices. That is all that this is about. No lies are being told here.

  3. I am very concerned about how the food we make is handled and processed and I have seen enough videos on imported foods that I am going to move out of my apt and buy land to grow more of my own.