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Book Discussions Planned and More to Come!

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of attending a training for book discussion facilitators. I enjoyed discussing the book with a group of volunteer facilitators that included undergraduates, graduate students, staff, and faculty. Everyone came well prepared and with a great enthusiasm for facilitating community engagement through discussion.

Discussions are open to all and are being offered in the public libraries, campus libraries, dorms, and other locations on and off campus. Discussions continue to be added to the events calendar, and we’re hoping to add more to address the huge interest in the project. Some discussions have special facilitators or topics and tie in to other programming. Several open, community discussions will be held after Pollan’s talk on September 24th. We’ll also be hosting some discussion on the blog each week.

If you’d like to host a book discussion, you are welcome to use the Book Discussion Tool Kit on the web site, which includes suggested questions, guidelines for participants, and selected book reviews. You can also request a trained, volunteer facilitator for your discussion by contacting KT Horning, Co-Chair of the Discussions Planning Committee. Many thanks to all the volunteer facilitators and the members of the Discussions Planning Committee.

Sarah McDaniel, Go Big Read